I am Irène and I am 34 years old. I was born and grown up in France near Paris. I graduated in Sciences and was hired at the University of Pennsylvania the USA for 5 years before I moved to Lausanne in Switzerland in 2021.

I have always been passionate about photography. I love to travel and I've always loved to capture the beauty of nature and architecture of the different place we have visited.

My life suddenly took a turn with the birth of my daughter in 2018. I never thought that a baby would change our lives in such a way. She gave me a new breath and a new perception of our lives. Everyday is a new day that we will share all together, full of joy and love. Since my baby girl was born, I have started taking photos to keep memories of her first years. This is how I have started taking baby portraits and lifestyle family photos.

The beauty of maternity and motherhood has change my life so much and capturing those moments has became my new passion.