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Christmas Minis November 11, 2023

Make this holiday season a magical one for your family

Irene DG photography

Emotions, authenthic, lifestyle photographer

Irene DG photography, Wedding Swiss photographer

Welcome to Irene DG photography

Keeping memories is so important

I am Irène your photographer based in Lausanne. I am especially specialized into family, newborn, maternity and wedding photography.

The soul of my photography is to capture unique and authentic moments with your loved ones and immortalize natural and spontaneous emotions to create a lifestime memories

Don't let memories slip away. Your mind can get blurry with time. Yet your photos will always be there, carrying your most precious life moments.

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Why hire a family photographer?

It is not about taking pictures it is about building memories

Hiring a photographer gives you a chance to be a part of the memories that you will be able to keep forever.

Forget about awkwardly posing in front of the camera, as a photographer, we have the magic to witness some of moments of your life with your loved ones. Laugh, play games, goof around and do what you usually do and we will be able to snap truthful and candid emotions.